Boom Boom Che Che Roar!

The Doped Up Dollies started in 2008 when David McWane vocalist of the band Big D and the Kids Table decided to create a new genera of music called Stroll: Hop-scotch, double-dutch, Northern soul, Ska, Reggae. For seven years the DupD sang backup vocals for Big D, touring around the United States, England and performing at many festivals like The Vans Warped Tour. It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that Sirae Richardson, Brianna McWane, Erin McKenzie and David McWane decided it was time for The Doped Up Dollies to record their own LP with Big D as their backing band. Because life is so demanding for these Bostonians, there was no time for them to meet once a week to write the record, so David came up with an idea:

“I basically had everyone in the band come to this small cottage in the woods by a small lake. I knew that life was beating down on them, so I wanted them to take a weekend away to relax, swim, BBQ and take a break from all the pressures of the world. There was another detail…no music was allowed to be written before this weekend; I wanted everything to be new, honest, fresh.  We had Benny Grotto of Mad Oak Studio bring his mobile recording rig into the small cabin. Mattresses were leaned against the walls during the day and scattered all across the floor for everyone to sleep on at night. When it was time to work, we would talk about a song for about 20 minutes, jams it for 20 minutes and then record it. Suddenly BOOM 13 songs were written, The New Way Out was born and everyone in the band had a fun relaxing weekend together.”

Each one of The Doped up Dollies songs is filled with messages of strength and perseverance, positive out looks and defiance against a stalled musical world. Make Your Own Sunshine, Papa Plays The Drums, Me Fireman and Lion all captivate the uppity beat of Stroll music and are sure to perk up the ears of starving music lover.

Sirae Richardson, Brianna McWane & Erin McKenzie all bring a different elements to the vocals of the DupD, while at the same time they share the same heart and you can hear that not only in their harmonies, but in their over all essence together. A tight crew, these four woman aren’t wealthy, fortunate upperclassman; their fathers aren’t rich. No these three woman are hard working Bostonians, all working two jobs or more. They’re honest, tough, talented and real.

After seven years of being in the back, it’s their time now, so back on up because The Doped Up Dollies are coming through.

“Che Che Boom Boom ROAR!”

This December, The Doped up Dollies present a New Way Out on Parking Lot Sounds, your Stroll solution of escaping today’s same-old, same-old sound.