Boom Boom Che Che Roar!

The Doped Up Dollies are a gang of young hoodlums from the playgrounds of Boston, where their schoolyard rhymes were honed in between fistfights and games of hop scotch and double dutch.

Posing as a ______ in homage to the girl groups of the 60’s, the Dollies went undercover as backup singers to infiltrate a corrupted _______ organization. It was rumored that during these rehearsal sessions that they’re appetite for reggae and soul were _____, and blended into a style called Stroll, a claim also made by rivals Big D and the Kids Table, who’s ongoing dispute has yet to been settled.

Rumbling just as hard as the men, Brie, Sirae, Erin …. bring a new classic style to the stage… something about Rude and attitude etc etc

With their turf challenged by (electronic online media etc) and amidst a dying breed of live musicians, the Dollies forged alliances an online community action trust (kickstarter) who collectively funded their attack plans. This Fall, The Doped Up Dollies present a New Way Out, the solution to _____________